Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Can't Believe It

. . . then again, maybe I can . . .

Remember my closing comment on my last blog entry, about the possibility of the under-50 warzones being ruined?

Well . . . take a gander at this screenshot.

Gotta love the comment by Twist, right?
Here's the story . . . I went to the warzone vendors to see what, if anything, had changed in the offerings available to PVP players.  Instead of the previous four vendors, there were only two--one for warzone gear and one for ranked gear.  But when I went to look at the "usable" gear, I found absolutely nothing.
You've got to be kidding me.
You mean that now, all the warzone commendations my level 20-something Smuggler has are basically good for nothing unless I am level 55 and have purchased the expansion?  You mean that I can no longer plan on picking up level 40 PVP gear, rather than having to rely on zone quests for all my gear upgrades?
I can't believe they really did it!  They really managed to destroy warzones for the under-50 crowd.  For that matter, they managed to destroy them for the under-55 crowd.
Because, after wondering why I was getting flattened so quickly my first foray into a warzone after the expansion began, I took at look at the amount of stat inflation granted to me for stepping into the fray.  Instead of being granted stats to level 49, I saw I was being granted stats to level 55 . . .
So in other words, I could be playing against people who, at level 50, worked very hard to get very good PVP gear . . . and they're now being pitted against lowbies such as me, who have their basic stats inflated, but who have no advantage when it comes to gear, because there is no PVP gear available for them to purchase, even if they wanted to do so.  (I have yet to discover if level 55 characters are also included in these warzones, along with their PVP gear, or if there are separate warzones for those at level 55 . . . but, as all stats are being raised to level 55, I have to seriously consider the first idea.)
I guess I'm back to logging on, looking at my Smuggler, and logging off on nights when I do not have the time to settle down to a quest sequence with my husband . . . or on nights like tonight when my husband is just too tired to play.
Why, exactly, are we subscribing?  At this point, I'm ready to take my money and invest in a different game.  I'm open to suggestions.


  1. They did a whole bunch of commendation changes, but, since I don't PvP, the commendation changes (beyond that all individual planetary commendations are now Planetary Commendations) are gobbledygook to me. It's possible that there's some other place you're now supposed to get PvP gear pre-55 or something.

    I would sort of hope it's just a commendation change issue. Otherwise, WHUT.

  2. Puzzlement led to much searching. It turns out that level 20 and level 40 PVP gear is still available - from vendors on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas.

    I double checked Coruscant and yup, there be vendors with PVP gear for level 20 and level 40.

    You'd think this would be in the patch notes, but, no, that would make sense!

    1. Wow!! You just saved me much grief . . . I'm going to have to go check it out on Coruscant. Thank you!

    2. Still annoying that they moved the vendors. I'm sure there was a patch note about it somewhere, but still. Why not have a 'Low-Level PVP Vendor' on the fleet? Curses!

    3. Cool, I also thought that the lowbie vendors had been removed for good; nice to hear that they are still around.

      For the record, level 55s have their own warzone bracket, and the new bolster system doesn't just inflate stats, it "simulates" gear as well. At the moment it is so good at this (read: bugged) that getting naked and only wearing your imaginary bolster gear makes you stronger than anything you could actually equip. :P

  3. Glad I could help! :)

    (Also that's some hilarious spam you got there. *points up* I've no idea what they're selling, but I hope it's not English instruction.)

    1. Hehe, you should see the spam which gets picked up by the filter! I'm surprised that one got through.