About Anachan, the Blogger

I would like to say the purpose of this blog is not all about me, but that wouldn't be quite the truth.  This blog is what is often referred to as a "web journal", meaning I write about my own experiences and impressions, rather than pass on news or consolidate links, although that may sometimes happen.  So although I would rather allow the reader to glean his/her own impression of who I am from my writings, perhaps a page explaining something about myself is in order.  (Besides, at this point, it might be too demanding to insist that new readers backtrack all the way to my December 2011 postings . . .)

I am a married mother of five daughters, ranging in age from 9 to 18, somewhere in the desert United States.  My early years were spent following my father as the military stationed him from one base to the next, spending time in Germany and Okinawa, Japan, at different times in my life.  I spent a year and a half in Osaka, Japan, as a missionary for my church, and I still try to keep up some of my language skills.  My BA is in physics education, and although I've never actually been a professional teacher, I've used those skills over the years either homeschooling my daughters or tutoring them when they needed more explanation.  I currently work full-time at a job requiring a lot of desk work, in a location which permits me to have my autistic teenager in my office while she works on her homeschool studies. (Edit:  a few months ago, the place at which I worked closed down, and I was lucky enough to quickly find a position using that education degree.)

My gaming experience is somewhat limited, when I look at the vast numbers of games some people have played or do play, but I can say I was there just about at the beginning.  (In other words, . . . "I remember, Sonny, when . . ." /cue rocking chair)  My sisters and I used to play Adventure, Hunt the Wumpus, or Snake on our family's computer, which was an oddity enough that my teachers remarked on my word-processed essays.  As such games weren't terribly common, and I didn't have access to them on my own computer when I purchased one my junior year in college, I didn't do more gaming until several years after my marriage.  That was when my husband brought home Myst . . . my kind of game, where nobody was shooting at me, and I had to use my brain . . .

A few years later, my husband and his brother decided to check out Dark Age of Camelot.  After hearing me complain about all the time he spent on it, he insisted I try playing a Lurikeen ranger, Peachykeen . . . and when World of Warcraft came out, some months after we stopped playing DAOC, we each got our own accounts.  Three expansions later, with some life changes, it was time for me to stop playing, after 3.5 years of raiding on my Restoration Druid, Anachan, with the same guild.

A couple of months after that, my husband purchased me a SWTOR account as a Christmas present.  (His had been purchased in July or August.)  We leveled together, he on a Trooper tank and me on a Jedi Consular healer.  Having always enjoyed writing, and having been bitten with the blogging bug back in WoW, I started this one about our SWTOR adventures.

And that, as they say, is just about that.