My Other Adventures

This is not actually my first blog, nor is this my only active one.  I find I communicate better via the written word than I do verbally, which is one reason, perhaps, I get along so well with people on-line.

Thoughts From the Grove was my first blog, detailing the adventures of my Night Elf Restoration Druid Anachan in the World of Warcraft.  While it is still available for perusal and is regularly accessed for the guide to the Vuhdo addon I created for my co-worker, it is no longer updated.

Around the World In 80 Breads is my other active blog, focusing on the real life adventures I have while attempting to make various breads from around the world.  The biggest challenge to this adventure is . . . (no, it's not the worry about getting fat) . . . progressing through new breads when I find so many I want to make again.