Thursday, December 31, 2015

State of the Play(er)

I realize my last post was put up about a year ago, and, while I have no illusions as to my importance in the SWTOR universe, I thought it would be courteous to my followers to post an update.

Sadly, my update includes nothing with SWTOR, although recent cinematic events have made me wish I could play . . .

You see, last summer, my computer made the decision to not allow me to play MMORPGs for a while: My motherboard failed. The vast majority of what I do on the computer for professional purposes can be done on the Chromebook I received from my employer, so the outfitting of a new home PC for me became a purely optional thing. Unfortunately, my family was (is) not in a position to buy a new computer, or even a new motherboard, so I've had to severely curtail my gaming activities. My husband lets me use his computer when I want to play something, but I cannot justify the time it would take to properly play an MMORPG, so I stick with forays into Skyrim, where I can play a short while, save my place, and return to continue later.

/sigh . . .

At least we were able to take my daughters to the new Star Wars movie (for their Christmas present), which they enjoyed very much. I learned something about theaters at the same time: They have closed-caption devices for those who cannot hear. (My eldest daughter, in the Navy, was put on a course of Naproxin a few months ago for a migraine headache . . . and she ended up with 100% hearing loss. It is a very rare, but not unheard-of, side effect of the medication. The good thing is that, as it is a brain chemistry thing, there is the possibility that her brain will eventually self-correct; the bad thing is that hearing aids or cochlear implants can do nothing. At any rate, she was thrilled she was able to enjoy the movie, despite her hearing loss, because of the device the theater provided.) As an English teacher (i.e., I am in the habit of noticing themes), I found the movie a little repetitive (many, many parallels), but it was a lot of fun, anyway, to meet up with our old friends. Every time a classic character appeared, the entire theater burst into cheering.

And, just for the giggles, I decided to order some Star Wars themed gingerbread cookie cutters from Think Geek . . . There's nothing quite like the knowledge that if you want to do so, you can pull the arms off the Wookie, rather than the other way around . . . (My husband told me that was kind of twisted . . .)

Maybe, if I'm lucky (and if I survive this semester of teaching and if I manage to finish writing my professional development dossier and if I manage to apply to graduate school) I'll be able to have my husband fix my computer, and I'll be able to come play once more in the land of lightsabers and Imperial agents . . . But until then . . .

Happy New Year, everyone!