Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not Completely Gone

I'll be upfront by saying I really don't have anything new to say about SWTOR right this minute.  It is true that I did go ahead and cancel billing on my subscription, but I figured with as little time as I have to play, even on good weeks, I might as well save the cash.  The chances of me ever reaching the point where I exceed the number of warzones I can play are very slim.

Being a teacher means April and May are absolutely nuts.  (Standardized testing, Prom, NHS inductions, award assemblies, finals . . .)  Being a teacher with four school-age children in a rural area, where one's husband has decided to have milk goats and piglets and where one is trying to start a garden and learn how to make apple butter, can apple pie filling, and bake sourdough bread, well, some nights there is absolutely no free time available.

Yes, we have been seriously expanding our horizons.

In addition, my husband picked up a copy of Guild Wars 2 for me.  It's different . . . definitely different.  I'm still trying to get the hang of the engineer I play when I'm playing with my husband and the mesmer I play for soloing, especially since I spend very little time playing.  But since it's not a subscription, I don't have to feel guilty if I miss an opportunity to play one evening, because I am not "wasting" my monthly fee.

I have every intention of stepping back into SWTOR and running some more warzones, but until summer vacation comes along, it is unlikely to happen a whole lot.

(Gotta brag about my kiddos, who are doing an absolutely fabulous job on their standardized (MAPS) testing!  My 6th grader tested at about the 11th grade competency level in everything, and my sophomores blew the rest of the kids in their high school out of the water with their math scores.)