Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Patch . . . sigh . . .

I realize there must be people who are excited about this patch, but . . .

. . . when I've had a long day at school, an even longer-feeling drive home with a beginning driver, a dinner which tired me out, conflicts with teenagers to solve, the peace to keep, an extremely talkative pre-teen to listen to about the skit she is writing, a younger girl to cuddle and tuck in, a sick husband to pamper, and a short-but-at-least-not-non-existant workout, and all I want to do is spend the remaining half hour of my time awake running a warzone . . .

. . . it is very annoying to log in and see a patch start to slowly download, recognizing that, well, there goes my half hour.

Oh, well.  I'm sure that many of the people who are excited about the patch are not nearly as blessed as I am, with my loving husband and my four daughters at home.

Maybe I'll have enough time to run a warzone tomorrow . . . or maybe not.  I may not be home in time to put the girls to bed and have any time left to myself.

Such is life.

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